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My First Mental Breakdown….

My First Mental Breakdown….

Well guys…. it happened. For the first time I officially and completely had a breakdown which consisted of me storming out of the house crying with Stephen frantically chasing after me (sorry about that handsome).  I was angry and frustrated and ready to throw my hands in the air and just say forget it all! But what exactly drove me to this point? Was it all the sagging in the floors that we have been working on jacking up the last few weeks? Was it needing to replace 100% of the wiring and plumbing? NOPE! It was trying to figure out a new floor plan. Which seems silly because we have had a floor plan in mind since the day we started but last week I decided it needed to be changed. Lets start from the beginning….

If you know me you know that I am a little obsessed with HGTV, namely Fixer Upper, which is why my house will be a farmhouse/industrial wonderland. Thank you Jo Gaines! But since Fixer Upper is on break I binged every episode of Good Bones, if you haven’t seen it you should it’s amazing, but in the show Mina always puts her master suites in the back of the house and pulls her kitchen to the center of the house. Which really got me thinking, maybe we should do that in our house!


To give you a good picture, this is what our originally planned layout looked like. The kitchen is tucked into the back of the house and master is in the front of the house, etc. It’s not a bad floor plan at all but I just felt like we could do better! I brought it up to Stephen and my dad (who is doing a lot of the work for us.) and asked them what they thought about redoing the layout. My dad said that there is no reason why we can’t, we are down the the studs the plumbing and electrical all have to be redone we are at a complete clean slate! So we took measurements and I went home to work on the floor plan.

Okay, so my first one was a total bust…

Disclaimer: I’m not sure why I made it upside down but just bare with me. So in my mind I wanted to be able to walk into the house and see straight through everything. I wanted a good open floor plan. So I closed off the left side of the house and attempted to work that into our master suite and leave the right side as our living areas. It really didn’t look TOO bad but we have a strange shaped room that we couldn’t break up so it became the master bathroom which lets be honest was way too big of a bathroom.

When I excitedly showed up to show off what I had planned though (I was still naive to my horrible floor plan) I was quickly disheartened when everyone started poking holes into my ideas. I got “that’s too big of a bathroom”, “you can move this wall and have a tiny kitchen”, “what if you make this little nook your library”, “you should put your stairs going this way” … one thing about me is I don’t take criticism well at ALL. So I instantly got stubborn and dug my heels in. Every single suggestion pushed me closer and closer to a melt down. And yes eventually I was told I was wrong one more time and I freaked out and went storming out to my car and left the house bawling.

Stephen calmed me down and we decided to make a few more plans and then decide what we liked best. One of the ideas my dad had was to wall off the back of the house, make that our master suite and open up the front of the house to the open floor plan. I decided to give it a try…

Surprisingly I didn’t hate it! We were able to add a half bath and laundry room upstairs, both things we wanted. But we had to move the stairs to make it work. The large triangle in the middle is our fireplace which I thought looked pretty cool free-standing. It became a contender instantly! I added it to Facebook and was a little disheartened at the feedback I got back, but we both still really liked it so I wasn’t nearly as bad as the feedback received from the first modified blueprint.

As promised though me and Stephen had one more idea and that was rework our original idea, and put the kitchen on the right side so that I still got that flow throughout the house that I wanted. We came up with this…

It is similar to our original plan but by moving the kitchen to the right side it opened up the wall by the bedroom to add a half bath! We lost our laundry room which I desperately wanted upstairs because if it’s in the basement Stephen will have to do all the laundry. 😉

So now we have two beautiful floor plans that we both genuinely like, but we ultimately decided on the last because moving the stairs to the front of the house would be a logistical nightmare seeing as that is right in the middle of one of our upstairs bedrooms.

So I thought that was it! We have it but then as I set down to write the blog post I wanted to create a blueprint of our original idea so everyone could compare and went “crap” because actually seeing it laid out I REALLY liked it too! Did we go through all this just to stay with the one we had in the first place.

I needed a fresh set of eyes so I sent all the blueprints to Stephen’s sister because me and her are usually on the same page design wise and I know she always has good creative ideas. We brainstormed and she gave me feedback and I took her ideas, and mixed it with mine and Stephens wishes and we were able create a floor plan I truly love. (and one I haven’t shared to FB yet if you are my friend, which I am assuming you probably are.)

Drum roll please….

It is essentially the same, we switched the living room and the library, and changed the bar to an island. I think it flows wonderfully and I am a little bit in love. This is my dream home, I can not even express how much this house means to me and how blessed I feel to be able to be remodeling it with a man I love so much. Every time I step into my house even in the messy state it is in now, I can’t help but feel a sense of magic and wonder.

I will leave you now with a few 3D pictures of our final design… (note our house will be much more farmhouse-y  the software only has modern furniture)


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