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Finding Our Dreamhouse

Finding Our Dreamhouse

Lets start from the beginning…

You know how they say when you meet the person you are meant to spend the rest of your life with you just know? I had spent the majority of my life believing that was just a hokey pep talk your friends would rattle off to make you feel better about being dumped. (Right up there with “you deserve better”). I am here to tell you ladies and gentleman it’s not!!!

Stephen and I actually previously dated in high school! I was 16 and he was my first kiss, (Cue the warm fuzzies) but like most ill-fated high school romances it was short lived when he dumped me for my then arch-enemy, now best friend in the entire world. (Cue the pitchforks). After essentially not speaking for to each other for 10 years we reconnected this last November.

I can’t comfortably say it was love at first sight, in fact when he answered the door in an ugly over sized Goodwill sweater and basketball shorts, I fought the urge to get back in my car and go home. Especially after I had meticulously picked out that perfect outfit that was cute enough to be hanging out with a guy for the first time but not overly dressy to look like I tried too hard to come over and watch movies. (You know the outfit I’m talking about ladies.) I won’t bore you with the details of our dates but by the end of the second date I knew in my gut that he was the one!

The house search…

We had been dating all of THREE WEEKS when we first started talking about moving in together. It was December and the lease on my duplex was up in March so we knew if we wanted to live together we would have to move fast or risk having to wait another year until another lease was up. We ultimately decided that even if it was a little fast neither one of us wanted to wait a year so we sat down worked out a budget and set out looking for apartments in our price range.

After a few days of searching I brought up Enos Park and the work their Neighborhood Association was doing. I told him about how my parents had bought a huge house from them for $3500 and were currently in the process of renovations. His eyes lit up and he said “why don’t we just do something like that?!” In all honesty I had considered buying one of their properties several times for myself and had actually toured a few but nerves always got the best of me and I always wound up backing out.

Long story short we contacted the necessary people and toured a few houses, there were some that were okay but we weren’t sold on, there was one that I walked 2 feet in the door got a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach and walked right out of, and one that we decided would probably be best for us. It was a large blue monstrosity but it was already down to the studs so we would cut out all the demolition work. We made our decision and were going to turn in the keys and get an application when my dad talked us into trying one more house.

When we walked in it was a mess! A former hoarder had lived there and although some clean up had been done in the house there was stuff EVERYWHERE. It was the middle of December so we were treading lightly because you never know who you will find in an abandoned home in the middle of winter but (luckily) all we found was a scared cat that about gave me a heart attack when it came racing down the stairs. As we walked through the house and took in the disgusting, decaying, hoarder mess we both knew we were home.

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