building a dream life, not just a house



Can I just start by saying that Chip Gaines TOTALLY gave me unrealistic expectations of demo day. On Fixer Upper they make demo day look so exciting and fun, he takes down cabinets like it’s nothing, busts through walls like the kool-aid man and it’s all nicely packaged into this 5 minute montage. Not that I thought we would be in and out in 5 minutes but I DEFINITELY believed we would get in with our group of people get everything busted out and be home in time for supper with a house down the the studs… HA HA HA!

We ordered a 40 yard dumpster (the largest I could find). I knew we would need a big one because we bought a hoarder house and there would be a lot junk that needed hauled away, which would need to be done before we started busting into any wall. Our volunteers started arriving at 10 AM and we got to work carrying everything out to the dumpster. After about 30 minutes of hauling stuff out I started to realize that we were going to have a problem, the dumpster was already quickly filling up! It took us about an hour and a half to get all the junk out and by that time the dumpster was HALF FULL!! The realization that we would NOT get as much accomplished as we had planned hit me like a ton of bricks. Everyone started to go to work tearing out the bedroom and bathroom (the first two rooms we are remodeling) and after another hour and a half of demo and hauling out building materials our dumpster was full. 🙁

I was heartbroken to say the least, we had paid $500 to rent a dumpster and it was full in 3 hours and we had barely touched the demo! Although we had been told 9838742983 times that this was a huge job, and been asked 9208349032 more times if we were overwhelmed yet it wasn’t until this moment that I suddenly felt the oh my god this is real moment. The scale of our project came slamming down on me and I had my first thought of “what have done?!”. It was a fleeting moment, but it was needed. I may still not 100% grasp the magnitude of what we are doing but I am more grounded and am trying to be more realistic about timelines and costs. We had to get a second dumpster and hold Demo Day 2.0 (a post about this will follow later) and in all reality we are probably going to have to get a THIRD dumpster to finish the tear out in the house and eventually the roof tear off. This is no longer just a Pinterest dream but this is real house that we are building that costs real money and a lot of it! Despite all that though I couldn’t be more thrilled about the decision me made to take this journey, even now it’s worth all the blood sweat and tears to know that in the end it will be 100% ours and 100% what we want.

I will now leave you with some of the pictures taken throughout the day, but before that I want to thank AGAIN everyone that came out to help last month. We sincerely from the bottom of our hearts appreciate all the hard work that has been put in by our friends and family. It truly takes a village to do anything in the life and we love ours. Thank you!


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